Failure to Diagnose Cancer in New York

Failure to Diagnose CancerWhen it comes to treating cancer, time is of the essence. The later a cancer is diagnosed, the more difficult it is to treat. Unfortunately, the failure to diagnose cancer can be a result of medical negligence. A failure to diagnose cancer can have a range of outcomes, including progression of the cancer and death. In cases where the patient survives, the victim and their family may have to adapt to a new way of living and wages may be lost. A highly competent team of physicians, nurses, therapists and counselors may be needed to assist in the victim’s recovery. And while some individuals do return to their pre-cancer way of living, others struggle with permanent disability, chronic pain and suffering and shorter life spans. In cases where the victim dies, the family is left with the loss of a loved one as well as the loss of financial support, funeral and medical expenses, loss of inheritance, and if children are involved, the loss of nurture and guidance from their deceased parent.

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Our Representation When There’s Been a Failure to Diagnose Cancer

We handle all types of claims involving failure to properly diagnose cancer, including situations where a doctor or physician has:

  • Failed to order tests or other diagnostics
  • Negligence in the interpretation or reporting of test results
  • Failure to perform basic screening tests and examinations that are standard practice within the medical community

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