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Commercial Vehicle Accidents

One dead, two injured in delivery truck accident on New Jersey Turnpike

CARTERET, N. J. – An accident on the New Jersey Turnpike involving a delivery truck and a car left one person dead and two injured, one critically, ABC7-NY reported. The crash occurred Monday morning, Aug. 31 in the southbound lanes about one mile south of Exit 12 in Carteret.

Video from the ABC news station showed a delivery truck that went off the right shoulder and onto the grass and a mangled white Mercedes car on the left shoulder. One individual in the Mercedes perished, and another was airlifted to a hospital with critical injuries. The delivery van driver sustained minor injuries. The accident is being investigated.

Top Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents

Delivery drivers in New Jersey and New York generally make dozens of stops along their route on any given day. They are under pressure to complete the deliveries on their route as quickly as possible. This can cause drivers to operate their trucks in a careless manner. Common forms of negligence that lead to delivery truck accidents include:

Speeding. Not only exceeding the speed limit but traveling too fast for the prevailing weather, traffic, or road conditions can cause an accident.

Distracted driving. Forms of distraction like driving while looking at their phone, eating, or attempting to read a delivery list all divert the driver’s attention from the road.

Failing to obey traffic signs. If a delivery driver is not paying antennation and blows through a traffic light and stop sign, the results can be disastrous.

Sudden stops. Making a sudden stop without warning can lead to a serious rear-end collision.

Not using turn signals. This can lead to rear-end collisions and other accidents. Delivery trucks typically need more space as they make wide turns, making it especially important that they use signals.

Improperly secured loads. If the items are not properly secured or the delivery truck is overloaded, the driver may lose control of the vehicle. Goods that fall off the truck pose hazards for other drivers.

Inadequate training of drivers. It is the responsibility of the delivery driver’s employer to make sure that the driver has been trained to drive a commercial vehicle and to properly handle the types of cargo involved. For example, suppose a driver is hauling cargo that requires special handling, such as flammable gases, is involved in an accident and is unable to show evidence of qualification to handle such cargo. In that case, the driver and the driver’s employer could be liable.

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