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Birth Injury And Infant Brain Damage

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    BRAIN-DAMAGEDuring pregnancy, labor, birth and newborn periods, both the mother and the baby need to be constantly monitored for dangerous conditions and fetal distress. When they are not, devastating results such as cerebral palsy, nerve damage, brain damage, or death can occur.

    Cerebral Palsy is always caused by damage to a baby’s developing brain, particularly the parts that control the body’s motor skills, muscle coordination, and movements. The injury can occur at any point from the beginning of pregnancy, to labor, the period after birth, or the first two years of life.

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    Most cerebral palsy is not preventable; the legal system focuses on the instances in which it was preventable, such as during the third trimester of pregnancy or, in particular, the labor and delivery period, or the immediate period after birth, while the baby is still in the hospital.

    Cerebral palsy can be caused by oxygen deprivation during labor or after birth. If your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, you should find if your child’s illness was caused by the medical malpractice of your treating doctors. The effects of medical malpractice will change your life and the life of your child.

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