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How You Can Be Compensated After a New York Hit-and-Run Auto Accident

We’ve all seen the headlines. They read something like, “Police Still Have No Leads in Hit-and-Run Accident”. The police may never get a lead. It’s a crime in New York, but hit-and-run happens all too often, and the results can be tragic. Almost one out of every five pedestrians killed on the road dies from a hit-and-run, according to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistic. If you or a family member was injured in a hit-and-run auto accident, you...

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3 Things You Should Know about New York’s Scaffold Law

New York’s scaffold law requires building owners and general contractors to provide workers with safe scaffolds, hoists, harnesses and other appropriate personal protection equipment to use when working at elevations. There are three key components to this law that can apply to your work environment: It applies to more than scaffolds. It requires that contractors supply personal equipment such as harnesses and training about how to use the equipment. It allows workers to recover damages from subcontractors, contractors and building...

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How a Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Help if You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

Few situations are more distressing than the neglect or abuse of someone who is helpless. Nursing home residents are fragile, often unable to communicate and hidden away from the eyes of the world. They may also be the victims of neglect or abuse at the hands of those trusted with their care. Federal and state laws are designed to protect our vulnerable loved ones, but enforcement depends on watchfulness. Only a qualified medical malpractice attorney can help if you suspect...

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Victims of Scaffolding Accidents Need an Experienced Accident Attorney to Fight for Their Rights

Any job that involves scaffolding in the New York City area carries with it great risks. We were reminded of this on June 20, 2014 when, as reported by CBS New York, two construction workers at 57th Street and Lexington Avenue were dangling for life from the twelfth floor of a building. Fortunately, both workers were rescued by an NYPD Emergency Service Unit and no one was physically injured. However, many others who work on scaffolding aren’t as fortunate. If...

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How You Can Recover Full Compensation for Workplace Accidents with a Trusted Attorney

On June 10, 2014, a forklift accident in the Midwood section of Brooklyn killed a 22-year-old worker, Gustavo Tapia. CBS New York reports that the victim was attempting to push the forklift, which another employee was operating, up a ramp when it rolled back and pinned him to a wall. The investigation is ongoing, but the incident is a stark reminder of the importance of workplace safety. If you or your loved one has been injured in a workplace accident,...

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As published in Verdict Search’s Top New York Settlements of 2014

Contact Our Personal Injury Law Firm in Bronx, NY If you need legal assistance, contact the Bronx personal injury lawyers at Oresky & Associates, PLLC at your nearest location to schedule a free consultation. We have two convenient locations in New York: Oresky & Associates, PLLC – Bronx Office 149 E 149th St Bronx, NY 10451 (718) 993-9999 Oresky & Associates, PLLC – Queens Office 104-09 Roosevelt Ave Queens, NY 11368 (347) 507-3884

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How an Accident Attorney Can Help After a Crash

On May 29, 2014, a city bus crossed two lanes of traffic and rear-ended a stopped truck on Bruckner Blvd. at Bryant Ave. in the Bronx. As reported by the Daily News, eight passengers on the Bx5 bus were injured and taken to St. Barnabas Hospital. Two of those passengers had injuries that were considered serious. While an investigation into the incident is underway, it serves as a reminder to anyone injured in a bus accident to consult a trusted...

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What Is the MVAIC in New York?

In New York City in 2011, more than 137,000 vehicles were involved in almost 50,000 car accidents that resulted either in injury or death. There were 250 fatal car accidents in New York City in 2011. For a city whose residents and visitors rely heavily on public transit and their feet to get around, that’s a lot of car crashes. Compensating victims of New York City car accidents has been a problem for New York for many decades. This is...

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When Is An Injury From a Motor Vehicle Accident “Serious” Enough to Consult With a Lawyer?

Most people who are injured in an automobile accident want to know if their injuries are “serious” enough to sue. Each case is different, and even if you did not break a bone, your injuries may be “serious” enough for a lawsuit. Generally, if you did not go to a hospital immediately after the accident or seek medical treatment within a reasonable time afterwards, then it is not worth your time to proceed with a claim. However, if you went...

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New York Construction Site Injuries – What If You Contributed to the Accident?

If you have been hurt on a construction site n New York, and you know that you could, or maybe should have done things differently, you may have questions or concerns about whether you still have any right to recover compensation for your injuries. Your employer may have failed to provide adequate scaffolding or ladders, but you compounded the matter by cobbling together something that, in retrospect, was not a wise choice. Does your action prevent you from recovering compensation...

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Bus Driver’s Negligence Causes Father’s Death: True Case Story

One rainy December morning, a man walked on his way to work. On this day, however, a bus driver’s negligence ended his life, and changed his wife and children’s lives forever. As the bus driver told the police on the day of the incident, he had been stopped at a red light. When the light changed, and he accelerated to turn the corner, he felt that he had hit something. Before he could pull over to see what had happened,...

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Employer Responsible For Van Driver’s Negligence: True Story

Oresky & Associates, PLLC. recently represented a pedestrian that was struck by a van. The employer claimed that he was not responsible because the person driving the van at the time of the accident was not the designated driver. A company van and two employees were on their way to a job site. Along the way, the employee who was driving the van wanted to stop for a soda. He got out of the van, leaving it on, and parked....

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Car Accident Victim Represented by Oresky & Associates, PLLC., Wins $1.1 MILLION DOLLAR VERDICT:

On Tuesday, May 06, 2014, Joshua Goldblatt, Esq., a trial attorney at Oresky & Associates, PLLC., won a jury verdict in favor of the plaintiff, a back seat taxi cab passenger, when the cab was involved in a collision with another car. After the car accident our client was taken by ambulance to Lincoln Hospital and discharged from the emergency room. Our client was later diagnosed with a tear in her left shoulder, a fracture of the 8th rib, a...

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Construction Accident: True Case Story

Jacob Oresky, Esq. was contacted by the family of an Ecuadorian construction worker who was killed in a construction accident. The construction worker was not provided with proper safety equipment to perform demolition of a building and was killed when he fell off the side of the building. The construction worker came to New York to support his family and provide for a better future. The worker’s wife and children resided in Ecuador and were devastated by the tremendous loss...

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Accident Victims Can Recover For Hit & Run Car Accidents!!!*

Too often New York City residents become the innocent victims of hit & run car accidents. Who is responsible for the accident victim’s medical expenses and lost wages? Who is going to compensate the accident victim for his personal injuries? NEW YORK STATE RESIDENTS ARE PROTECTED!!! New York State protects its residents, involved in New York accidents through the Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation (“MVAIC”). The Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation provides comprehensive compensation to innocent victims of accidents, who...

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