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Bronx Dump Truck Driver Struck by Crane to Receive $1.8M Settlement in NY Fall Accident

Jacob Oresky, Esq.  is proud to announce that he successfully negotiated a $1.8M settlement for one of his firm’s clients, a Bronx dump truck driver who sustained serious injuries after he was struck by a crane and fell from the truck’s ladder. The truck driver had climbed onto the ladder to inspect the load of scrap metal that the crane had deposited onto the truck. He was trying to make sure that the load was securely placed in the truck bed.

Unfortunately, that is when our client was hit by the crane, sustaining serious injuries after he plunged 13-feet to the ground. Our client was rushed by ambulance to the hospital and subsequently had surgery for his injuries, which included multiple rib fractures and neck, shoulder, and back injuries.


On behalf of our client, a  Bronx dump truck driver, our accident law firm sued the scrap metal company where the crane operator worked. At first, the defendant tried to deny that our client was hit by the crane, arguing that the crane operator did not see the work accident happen and the dump truck driver could have caused his own ladder fall accident.

However, NY Injury Lawyer Jacob Oresky was able to obtain a statement from the crane operator, who admitted that he wasn’t looking when our client fell. Because of this, the crane operator couldn’t say for sure whether he hit the dump truck driver or not.

Attorney Oresky went into mediation with the defendant and was able to negotiate the $1.8M settlement for his client. Based upon the settlement, the Bronx dump truck accident case will not go to trial.  Our client can now focus all of his energy on his recovery and moving forward with his life.

Our Bronx Dump Truck Injury Lawyers Understand What You’re Going Through And What You Need

At Oresky & Associates, our Bronx dump truck injury lawyers know that aside from injuries sustained in NY truck crashes, there are many other kinds of injuries that can happen to dump truck drivers while on the job, including: fall accidents, crush accidents, getting struck by heavy or falling objects, loading accidents, other load-related injuries, slip and fall accidents, and other types of accidents.

Often, an injured truck driver may not realize that there may be parties that can and should be held liable for injuries, pain and suffering, and in some cases, wrongful death. This is in addition to the NY workers’ compensation that a worker is entitled to from an employer for injuries on the job. For example, our client in this case received workers’ compensation benefits from his employer. Now, he will also receive the $1.8M from the scrap metal company as a settlement for his pain and suffering  and related claims from the accident.

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