Bus Driver’s Negligence Causes Father’s Death: True Case Story

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    BUS DRIVER NEGLIGENCEOne rainy December morning, a man walked on his way to work. On this day, however, a bus driver’s negligence ended his life, and changed his wife and children’s lives forever.

    As the bus driver told the police on the day of the incident, he had been stopped at a red light. When the light changed, and he accelerated to turn the corner, he felt that he had hit something. Before he could pull over to see what had happened, people started knocking on the side of the bus, shouting that he was dragging a person underneath the vehicle. When he got off the bus to investigate, he found a man lying beneath the driver’s side of the bus. This man suffered a head injury, and died that day.

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    The bus driver failed to yield to a pedestrian, and failed to exercise due care, as required by law. The family of the accident victim retained Oresky & Associates, PLLC. to represent them in a wrongful death action against the bus company and the bus driver.

    The Oresky firm succeeded in winning summary judgment on behalf of the man’s family. The Court decided on motion papers without the necessity of a trial that as a matter of law that the bus driver and owner were 100% responsible for the accident, and that the pedestrian was free from negligence. Thereafter this case was settled.

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