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Hurt in a Car Accident – Seek Compensation, Regardless of Legal Status

Hurt in a Car Crash? Let Us Help You Get Compensation Your Legal Status Won’t Prohibit You from Filing a Lawsuit You’ve been hurt in an automobile accident, but you’re afraid to seek compensation for your losses because you are not a legal resident of the United States. Don’t let your fears about your immigration status keep you from protecting your rights. If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident in New York, as a result of the...

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5 Week Long Trial in Brooklyn Ends with Nearly $2 Million Verdict for Nurse’s Aid with Soft Tissue Injuries from Van Accident

Our client suffered soft tissue injuries to her knee, neck and back as a back seat passenger in a rear end van accident. Both the insurance company and the lawyers for the defendants insisted that any recovery for her soft tissue injuries would be minimal. We fought hard for our client during nearly five weeks of trial, and the jury awarded her $1,943,000 in compensation. The jury felt that her pain and suffering alone was worth $1.8 million. If you...

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Why It’s Essential That You Seek Medical Care Immediately after a Motor Vehicle Accident

Why It’s Essential That You Seek Medical Care Immediately after a Motor Vehicle Accident Whether you’ve been in a serious auto accident or a fender-bender, if injured, it’s critical that you seek medical treatment as soon as possible after the accident. Don’t think that because you’re still moving under your own power that you won’t experience debilitating injuries as a result of the crash. Whether it’s a trip to the emergency room at the hospital, a stop at an urgent...

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Pedestrian Accidents With Cars: Eliminating Fatal Crashes

New York City is on pace to see the number of car accident and traffic deaths fall for the third straight year. However, the majority of these car accident related deaths are still pedestrians, children and seniors. New York City’s “Vision Zero” plan was launched in 2014 with the stated objective of entirely eliminating pedestrian deaths caused by vehicles. Some of Vision Zero’s core initiatives are as follows: Reducing the speed limit and increasing the enforcement of traffic laws Reconfiguring...

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When Negligent Motor Vehicle Drivers Hit Pedestrians, the Injured Deserve Full Compensation

Each year in New York City and throughout the state too many pedestrians are injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents. These catastrophes can be caused by Driver inattentiveness; Driver speeding, and failure to follow traffic rules and regulations; Drivers who fail to yield the right of way to pedestrians in a marked crosswalk when making a turn. Drivers that are operating their vehicle while impaired; Within the category of inattentive drivers, there is a significant share of those who...

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Delivery Worker On Electric Bicycle Hit By Car, Injured Bike Rider Wins $450,000 Settlement

A 23 year old delivery man from Ecuador was riding an electric bicycle when he was struck by a car at an intersection in Queens, NY. Although the driver had a Stop Sign, he claimed that he could not see the bicyclist because he was wearing dark clothing at night and the scooter did not have proper lights and reflectors. The bicyclist suffered a fractured femur, which required surgery. Oresky & Associates, PLLC., represented the young man in his lawsuit...

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Fender Bender in Long Island Leads to Cars Being Hit by LIRR Train

Car accident in Riverhead, Long Island has left two people injured after both of the cars were struck by a westbound Long Island Rail Road train out of Greenport. The accident occurred on Thursday, June 18, at around 1:45 p.m. at the Mill Road train crossing. According to eye witnesses, a silver Mercedes was stopped at the train crossing when it was rear-ended by a Honda sport utility, pushing the Mercedes between the train rails. Both cars were then hit...

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Deadly Crash off of I-95 – Rye Playland

Wednesday, June 3, 2015, five young adults were involved in a horrific one car crash off of southbound I-95 exit 19 towards Rye Playland at around 12:30 PM (EST). The car, a red 2013 Audi A4, was speeding and crashed into a concrete partition when it failed to negotiate the right hand curve. New York State Police say that one of the passengers, Vanessa Hoodith, 16 of Brooklyn, was in the rear of the car and was pronounced dead at...

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14-Year Old Joyrider Smashes 5 Cars

A 14-year old boy on a joyride smashed into five parked cars before being apprehended by the police. It could have been worse; no one was hurt. What happens if someone is hurt by a stolen car or a car being operated without the owner’s permission? What can the injured person do to obtain compensation in the event of being hit by a stolen car? Fortunately New York State has seen fit to protect its residents by creating the Motor...

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Vehicular Manslaughter on New Year´s day

No year should begin like this. A 27-year old woman was killed shortly before 8am on the morning of January 1 at the intersection of the Cross Bronx Expressway and Rosedale Avenue, Bronx, New York. She was riding in a livery cab that was rear-ended by a drunk driver. When officers got to the scene, they found that the cab had been stopped at a red light, and the other driver struck it from behind. The driver was charged with...

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