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Common Workplace Injuries, What a Worker Needs to Know

Common Workplace Injuries, What a Worker Needs to Know New York City is alive with construction.  Construction sites are popping up all over the Bronx and Queens.  Construction workers are hard working men and women — they have built our homes, office buildings, our cities, and our country. Unfortunately, they are also some of the most frequently injured workers in the entire workforce. Because of the dangerous work they perform, such as working on ladders, scaffolds, and their exposure to...

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Construction Worker in Tappan Crushed by Debris Chute that Became Detached

Oresky & Associates, PLLC., construction accident lawyers, representing accident victims for over 30 years. Call us for a free consultation at 718-993-9999. Once again, area news reports are covering another serious injury suffered by a construction worker. In this most recent case, a man was crushed under the weight of a debris chute that became detached while workers tried to clear a clog in the chute. Construction accidents can happen for lots of different reasons, but many times they happen because of...

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Construction Worker in Chelsea Dies After Being Hit by Falling Metal Scaffolding Bracket

Oresky & Associates, PLLC., construction accident lawyers, representing accident victims for over 30 years, call us for a free consultation 718-993-9999 New York law provides that you, as a construction worker, are entitled to a safe work site. When corners are cut, safety is compromised, and workers suffer as a result. If you have been injured in a construction accident, or if you have a loved one who was killed in a construction accident, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit...

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New York Construction Worker Gets $20M Settlement After Hoist Failure Leads to Traumatic Brain Injury

To schedule your free case evaluation with an experienced construction accident lawyer, call us at 718-993-9999 or contact us online. We serve workers throughout the NYC area, as well as Long Island and Westchester County. Construction workers in New York (and elsewhere) rely on various pieces of equipment every day to do their jobs. Whether it is a scaffold, a hoist, or a boom truck, these pieces of equipment must be in a safe condition, or else the results could...

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Who’s to Blame When a Live Electrical Cable Harms a Manhattan Worker?

A worker at a Manhattan construction project was injured when he contacted a live electrical wire. The accident occurred because no one knew the wire was live. In this case the court found that the owner and general contractor failed to provide proper protection to the worker.  The worker’s lack of knowledge of the live wire was not held against him because he was following instructions and there was no reason for him to know the wire was live.   Liability...

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Selecting the Right Defendant(s) to Sue in Your New York Trip-and-Fall Construction Accident Case

If you are hurt on the job while working in construction, the law may give you various options to pursue the compensation you deserve. One essential component of a construction accident case is determining which people or entities you should sue. Choosing the right defendant(s) can be a huge factor in achieving a truly successful outcome, and it is just one of many ways that your New York construction accident attorney can help you. For one subcontractor’s employee, her construction...

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How Improperly Maintained Equipment Can Harm You And Be The Crux of Your New York Construction Injury Lawsuit

When you’ve been injured working at a construction site, you face many choices. One choice you should make, and make right away, is to retain an experienced New York construction injury attorney. Your knowledgeable New York attorney will know the law and how to best make a plan of action for your case.  In one recent instance, this meant using an industrial code requirement mandating “free-running wheels” on “hand-propelled vehicles” to support the injury action of a worker injured when...

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Are You Limited to Workers’ Compensation after a Construction Site Injury?

Are You Limited to Workers’ Compensation after a Construction Site Injury? When you have been hurt on a residential or commercial construction site, one of your first steps will typically be to file for benefits under New York Workers’ Compensation laws. A good question to ask is whether this is your only recourse after an accident on a construction project? What other options may be available to you? The Purpose of Workers’ Compensation The New York Workers’ Compensation laws were...

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Does Worker Negligence Affect a Scaffold Injury Claim in NY?

One of the most common causes of injury on a construction site is a fall from a height. That may involve working on roofs, sidewalk bridges, scaffolds or ladders. Because of concerns about the risk of injury to workers on high rise construction projects, the New York legislature enacted Labor Law 240 (the Scaffold Law), which requires an owner or general contractor to “furnish or erect scaffolding, hoists, stays…and other devices” to provide protection to workers employed in “erection, demolition,...

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NYC Crane Accident Injuries

On May 31, 2015 construction workers at a high rise on Madison Avenue were attempting to hoist a 4-ton air conditioning unit into an opening on the 30th floor when things went awry. For reasons yet unknown, the unit suddenly broke free of the crane and then fell the 30 stories to the street below but not before parts of the unit smashed into the building. Photos of the high rise building where the accident occurred depict a massive hole...

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