What To Do When Your Opponent Loses or Destroys Potential Evidence in Your New York Injury Case

In your slip-and-fall case, there are several things you may need to do. If you can, consider taking pictures of the scene of your accident. They could possibly be helpful to your case later. One thing you should definitely do is retain a knowledgeable New York slip-and-fall attorney right away. Your attorney can provide major assistance with amassing the proof you’ll need to win your case. Your attorney can also help you when the other side does things like losing...

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Altering the Theory of Your New York Slip-and-Fall Lawsuit — What Does It Mean for Your Case?

When you initiate a lawsuit seeking damages, the defendant in your case is obviously going to defend itself zealously; in other words, it is going to do everything within the rules to undermine your case. In the slip-and-fall case of a woman who fell on a ramp, the defendant tried to use the plaintiff’s “clarification” of her accident as a basis for getting the case thrown out of court. The courts, however, did not accept this argument and instead allowed...

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