The Most Common Work-Related Injuries and What You Can Do

The Most Common Work-Related Injuries and What You Can Do Anyone can suffer an accident or injury at work, but according to the National Safety Council (NSC), the three most common work-related injuries are: Overexertion and bodily reaction – These are excessive physical and non-impact injuries from physically demanding and repetitive work activities. Slips, trips, and falls – These workplace injuries involve falling through or from a structure, tripping, slipping, and injuries related to catching or bracing for impact. Contact...

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Can I Sue For A Work-Related Injury?

You can sue for a work-related injury under certain conditions. Typically, employers in New York have immunity from personal injury lawsuits, but there are exceptions. There may be other liable parties (other than your employer) who do not have this immunity. When you may be able to sue for a work-related injury Most employers in New York State must provide workers’ compensation for their employees. In exchange for this insurance, employers enjoy a certain level of protection from being sued....

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Top 10 Common Workplace Injuries

Virtually any type of injury can occur in the workplace or while performing your job. However, certain injuries are more common than others. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following are the top 10 most common workplace injuries: Sprains and strains led the most common workplace injury list by a wide margin, accounting for more than 1/3 of work related injuries, including workplace accidents involving strenuous work such as truck loading and heavy lifting. Bruises and contusions...

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Why Tragic Accidents in the Workplace Call for a Compassionate and Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

The work environment can be a very dangerous one. Unfortunately, the Bronx was reminded of this fact again on August 5, 2014, when a contractor of the Metropolitan Transit Authority was crushed by a 2,700-pound battery and died. According to the Daily News, the contractor was unloading a crate containing a battery from a truck at the Throgs Neck Expressway facility when the crate fell off the back of the truck and crushed him. As this man’s family members understandably...

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How You Can Recover Full Compensation for Workplace Accidents with a Trusted Attorney

On June 10, 2014, a forklift accident in the Midwood section of Brooklyn killed a 22-year-old worker, Gustavo Tapia. CBS New York reports that the victim was attempting to push the forklift, which another employee was operating, up a ramp when it rolled back and pinned him to a wall. The investigation is ongoing, but the incident is a stark reminder of the importance of workplace safety. If you or your loved one has been injured in a workplace accident,...

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Thomas’s Testimonial

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Injuries from Workplace Electrocutions & Explosions

A construction site is an inherently dangerous environment. The risk of injury from a variety of sources is great, including injuries caused by electrocutions and explosions. A general contractor or subcontractor may fail to properly locate live electrical lines or gas lines before excavating. Live electrical lines or gas lines may be damaged posing a high risk of injury to the workers during the course of construction at the job site. A worker operating a heavy piece of machinery could...

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Employee or Not Employee, That is the Question

A worker must be an employee to be covered under workers compensation law. Many employers are trying to avoid paying workers compensation insurance, and other costs, by misclassifying employees as independent contractors. Many factors are used to decide whether an individual is an employee under the Workers’ Compensation Law. If the worker hired does not meet the criteria for an independent contractor, or the services rendered are not specifically exempted as employment under the workers compensation law (WCL), then that...

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When Third Parties are to Blame for Injuries at Work

Workers’ compensation benefits cover workers injured on the job every day. But these benefits don’t cover all the damages caused by an accident. In cases where a third party, one who is not the worker’s employer, was negligent and caused the injury, the worker may be able to pursue a cause of action against that party, in addition to filing a workers compensation claim. Third party negligence claims can involve: Other drivers: Workers driving in the course of their employment and...

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Five Steps to Take If You’ve Been Injured on the Job

If you have been injured on the job, you have rights under New York law for compensation and to have your medical bills paid. Here are some suggestions to protect your rights if you are injured on the job. 1) Report the injury to your employer. You will have forms to fill out that will ask about the details of your injury and the circumstances of the accident. Fill it out as completely and as honestly as you can. This...

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