Celebration of International Migrant Day Sponsored by Oresky & Associates

Celebration of Ecuadorian culture held in Corona, Queens, to mark International Migrant Day and the Holiday Season

On Saturday, December 14th, the Consulate General of Ecuador in New York hosted a celebration of Ecuadorian culture at Public School 19 in Corona, Queens, to mark United Nations International Migrants Day, which falls on December 18th.

The event was scheduled to coincide with the completion of “Aprendiendo de mi Ecuador” – a three-month program sponsored by the Consulate General of Ecuador in New York providing children between six and eleven years old with free weekly classes and activities aimed at developing appreciation for Ecuadorian culture and Spanish language. The program brought together consular staff and volunteers from the Ecuadorian community to welcome migrant children each week for an experience of integration, strengthening of identity, and appreciation of the diversity of Ecuadorian society.

More than 50 families came out to participate in the celebration, which included recognition of the volunteers, musical performances, dance, traditional Christmas customs, and presentations aimed at reminding all that migration presents an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and grow, while simultaneously sustaining the values and culture of our homeland.

At the conclusion of the gathering, there was a distribution of toys for the 70 children who had participated in the three-month program. The gifts were donated by the law firm of Oresky and Associates, which supports a number of charitable endeavors aimed at providing assistance to migrant communities of New York City. Representing Oresky and Associates at the event was Yusmeris Lape, who praised the Ecuadorian consulate for its commitment to the community in New York.

celebrating international migrant day 2020 sponsored by Oresky & Associates

(L-R) Carlos Martinez (Deputy Consul General of Ecuador); Austin Velazquez (volunteer); Maria Fernanda Baquerizo (Community Affairs Coordinator); Linda Machuca (Consul General of Ecuador); and Yusmeris Lape (Paralegal of Oresky and Associates) with children who completed three-month “Aprendiendo de mi Ecuador” program

Ecuadorian celebration of Migrant Day
Ecuadorian celebration of Migrant Day

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