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Personal Injury

Choosing The Right Lawyer

by Jacob Oresky, Esq.

CHOOSING-THE-RIGHT-LAWYER-300x200I wanted to take this opportunity to advise my trusted clients that many accident victims are falling victim to dishonest and unethical doctors and lawyers offering cash or quick settlements.

Most often these dishonest professionals end up cheating their clients, and provide poor legal and medical services. Some of them end up in prison and/or lose their licenses.

I am certain that you must know an accident victim that was approached at the scene of an accident, the hospital, or was called by someone offering to help them.

What the accident victim doesn’t know is that most often those offering help are street hustlers getting paid thousands of dollars in cash for accident victims delivered to unethical lawyers and doctors.

It is illegal for doctors or lawyers to solicit accident victims. The person offering to help you may very well be a violent criminal that may later act as an enforcer if you do not cooperate.

These street hustlers are known as ambulance chasers or runners and are not doctors or lawyers.

Once the medical office gets hold of you, the dishonest doctors have to recoup their investment by overcharging the insurance companies. Before you know it, the medical facilities have fraudulently billed thousands of dollars.

The insurance companies are aware of the fraudulent billing practices and deny payment. The medical clinics then try to collect the balance from the accident victim’s settlement proceeds. This could result in thousands of dollars being taken from the accident victim’s pocket. Needless to say all along the patient has not been receiving quality medical care.

Lawyers relying upon referrals from these clinics and runners are also looking for a quick settlement. They need to pay their runners and medical facilities for client referrals.

Lawyers that are connected to these medical facilities are motivated to make sure that the referring doctor gets all of his bills paid.

The net result is that the client receives a small settlement, with many hands looking to take from the accident victim’s pocket.

Many times the insurance companies working with the police and district attorney’s office close down these facilities and arrest the doctors and lawyers. The arrest and conviction of an accident victim’s doctor or lawyer will extremely prejudice the victim’s case.

Warn your friends to be careful when choosing their lawyer for it could cost them thousands. Tell them to look for a law firm that has a proven track record and is well-established in the community.

Our firm has been serving the New York City and surrounding communities for over 10 years. We have recovered many millions of dollars for accident victims, and have a successful track record on both small and very large cases.

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