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manhattanIn May, a pedestrian walking through a Manhattan construction site was badly injured when a circular saw blade came loose and, still spinning through the air, ricocheted off a tree and hit the pedestrian in the leg. But for the tree, things could have been much worse. In January a pedestrian was injured when a wall collapsed at a Brooklyn construction site. Last November, three pedestrians in Manhattan were hurt when the façade of a store under construction collapsed. If the trend in construction injuries continues, 2014 could be the most dangerous year in many.

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New York Accident Lawyers Recover for Injured Pedestrians

New York’s laws protect pedestrians passing by construction sites. There are standards which must be followed by building owners and contractors in order to protect passers-by from injuries caused by falling objects, debris, and hazards. Owners and contractors must construct sidewalk bridges, barriers and other devices to protect pedestrian traffic.

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