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Construction Accidents

Construction Site Building Accidents, Injuries to Workers and Pedestrians


Construction sites pose many risks for workers and bystanders.

Many times during construction, demolition or renovation a structure may unexpectedly collapse, causing serious injury or even death.

This may result from poor planning, failure to take necessary safety precautions, design, use of inadequate or defective building materials, or from the negligence of general contractors or subcontractors engaged in the work.

When you or a loved one has been hurt because of a construction accident, including the collapse of a structure, scaffold, ladder or device used in construction, you want an experienced lawyer to help you pursue full and fair compensation for your losses.

Under New York law, owners, contractors and employers have a non-delegable duty to provide a safe work environment (although there are certain exceptions by law).

This includes taking all steps necessary to provide workers with proper protection to prevent injury caused by the hazards associated with the construction industry, including preventing workers from being injured by falls from ladders, scaffolds, buildings and structures.

Workers should not be exposed to hazardous conditions such as a fall hazard, collapse of a wall, column, roof or other structure. Often, however, in an attempt to minimize costs and increase profits, shortcuts are taken. Proper precautions are not followed, and safety equipment such as safety harnesses, safety belts and other protective devices are not provided to the workers.

A builder may not install life lines for workers to secure safety harnesses to. These safety devices are designed to protect workers from a fall due to a collapsed scaffold or ladder, and other hazards associated with the forces of gravity.

As a general rule, if you have been hurt on a job site in New York, you are entitled to Workers’ Compensation for payment of medical expenses, lost wages, and potential monetary award.

Furthermore, you may be entitled to commence a claim and start a law suit for personal injuries seeking damages for pain and suffering and economic loss. In seeking damages for personal injuries, you want a law firm that provides hard work and dedicated service to their clients.

Seek a law firm that is established, with a dedicated client base, that is ready to go to work for you.

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