Construction Worker Suffers Serious Injuries After Plummeting Down Elevator Shaft

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    Construction-WorkerOn January 23, 2013, a construction worker suffered serious injuries after falling 12 feet down an elevator shaft while building the NYPD’s new police academy in Queens. Luckily, several members of the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit were nearby and able to pull the injured construction worker out of the shaft within just a few minutes to save his life. Details as to the cause of the worker’s fall remain unknown.

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    Construction workers have dangerous jobs. New York Courts have found building owners and general contractors liable for injuries suffered by construction workers who have fallen through hazardous openings at the worksite, including elevator shafts.

    New York Labor requires owners and general contractors to provide safe working conditions and a safe environment for their workers. §240(1) also requires owners and general contractors to protect workers from sustaining injuries due to certain types of hazards at the construction worksite, such as unguarded and unprotected openings in the floor or dangerous elevator shafts. New York Labor Law §241-a promotes the safety of elevator shafts, hatchways and stairwells in buildings under construction and demolition. Absolute liability is provided by this law.

    When a construction company allows a workplace injury to occur, workers may be eligible to receive compensation for pain, suffering, medical bills, lost wages and more.

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