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Construction Accidents

Distracted driver injures construction flagger

HUDSON, NY – A construction flagman was injured on Friday morning when a driver ignored the worker’s stop sign.

The construction accident occurred at approximately 8:25 a.m. on Friday, July 10, according to Hudson Valley 360. A 22-year-old flagger was injured while working on a construction site for the Empire State Trail Project.

The victim was holding a stop sign and standing on Harry Howard Avenue near Michael Court. A 51-year-old woman driving northeast on Harry Howard Avenue did not obey the flagger’s sign and continued driving toward him. The flagger moved out of the path of the oncoming car, but the vehicle hit the edge of the stop sign, pushing the sign into the worker’s abdomen.

Hudson Police Department Lieutenant Anthony Moon reported that the worker complained of abdominal pain after the accident. Medics transported him to Columbia Memorial Health for treatment and observation.

The driver remained at the scene after the accident, and she told police officers that she did not see the flagger on the road. No charges have been announced at this time.

Construction Zone Safety in New York

Construction site flaggers play a vital role in keeping all construction workers safe. These workers direct traffic around and away from construction sites, warning drivers of hazards, and preventing an accident whenever possible. However, just like any construction worker, flaggers are at risk of a serious injury if the people around them do not take appropriate safety precautions.

Drivers must obey flagger’s signs and warnings, just as they would follow any permanently posted traffic sign. However, they must use even greater caution as they pass a flagger, to avoid a serious accident.

Even if a flagger is not present, drivers need to pay attention to work zone signs that indicate construction workers may be close to the road. Anytime a person drives through a construction zone they should:

  • Slow their vehicle to the work zone speed limit
  • Minimize distractions in the car
  • Watch for workers walking near or on the road
  • Pay attention to building materials or debris which could obstruct the road

In addition to drivers’ responsibility in a construction zone, the company overseeing the project must also take steps to protect their workers. Even the most cautious drivers may not be able to prevent an accident if the construction company does not uphold strict safety standards on their site. Some of the most important safety protocols a construction company must implement include:

  • Adequately training workers to perform the job and avoid hazards
  • Supplying workers with hard hats and other protective equipment
  • Providing each worker with a high visibility vest
  • Utilizing reflective vests, visible from at least 1,000 feet away, when working at night

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