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Dear Clients,


Many accident victims are being cheated by dishonest schemes designed to cheat accident victims out of millions of dollars! If you have friends or family that have been or may be injured on the job please read this.


After a construction accident or any accident, “THE BOSS” comes by and tells the accident victim to give a false name and information to the hospital, and that he (THE BOSS) will pay for lost wages, medical bills, and give the victim a few thousand in cash on the side.

What really happens?

After the accident victim gives a false name and false information to the hospital THE BOSS disappears and never pays anything.

Make the right call, (718) 993-9999, and speak with an experienced accident lawyer or contact our office online to schedule a free consultation.

The costs:

Hospital bills and lost wages could add up to tens of thousands of dollars and more.

What are you entitled to?

Workers’ Compensation: The injured worker is entitled to lost wages, payment of medical expenses, and many times a cash award. Immigration status does not matter.

Personal Injury Law Suit:

In many cases we can start a personal injury law suit. Many of our clients injured on the job have received awards from the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS TO THE MILLIONS.


Call us for a free consultation, we can help. Remember never allow the accident victim to sign anything from his employer without the advice of his lawyer.

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