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THE ADVOCATE By Jacob Oresky, Esq.

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Broken Sidewalks, Snow & Ice Cases:

Broken Sidewalks

Many clients call our office about trips and falls on broken sidewalks, as well as
slips and falls on snow and ice. Instead of telling one client at a time, I thought that
this information would be helpful to everyone:

BROKEN SIDEWALK CASES: In New York City the owner of real property
next to any sidewalk has a duty to maintain the sidewalk in a reasonably safe
condition. The City of New York is responsible for sidewalks abutting 1, 2, and 3
family homes used exclusively for residential purposes.

SNOW & ICE CASES: in New York City every owner, lessee, tenant, or other
person having charge of any building shall within 4 hours after the snow ceases to
fall, remove the snow or ice from the sidewalk. (There are certain exceptions.)

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HOW TO WIN THE CASE!!!! (Safety is always the most important consideration)

  • Call for the ambulance at the accident location. The location where the ambulance picks up the accident victim will always help prove where the accident happened.
  • Always tell the ambulance attendant and doctors the cause of your accident. “I fell on the snow and ice.” “I fell because of the broken sidewalk.”
  • Gather names, addresses, and phone numbers of witnesses.
  • Have a friend or family member photograph the condition which caused your accident. You would be surprised how quickly evidence disappears after someone has fallen and broken a leg.

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