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Ladder Scaffolding Accidents

Injuries in Falls from Scaffolding and Ladders New York Scaffolding Accident Lawyers

At the law offices of Oresky & Associates, pllc., we help scaffolding and ladder accident victims get the compensation they need to cover their medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. From offices in the Bronx, Queens and Manhattan, our scaffold accident attorneys have helped hundreds of injured construction workers throughout the New York metro area receive the compensation they deserve.

Some notable settlements and jury verdicts that have been achieved by our New York construction accident lawyers include:

  • $18,000,000.00 verdict for undocumented worker who fell from a scaffold at a construction site and fractured his ankle, suffered disc herniations and underwent two surgeries.

  • $6,600,000.00 granted to construction worker who fell from scaffold sustaining serious injuries.

  • $6,000,000.00 awarded to construction worker who fell from ladder while installing window frame.

  • $6,000,000.00 granted to construction worker who fell from ladder sustaining serious injuries.

  • $5,000,000.00 won by demolition worker that was knocked off ladder by HVAC duct, fracturing arm, requiring back surgery, amongst other injuries.

We invite you to review some of our successful results we’ve achieved for our clients. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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A Brief Overview of NY Scaffolding Law Ladder Scaffolding Accidents

New York’s labor law requires that contractors or building owners provide workers with a safe workplace. For people working on roofs, upper floors or above excavations, this means providing well-functioning scaffolding or ladders as well as safety equipment such as lifelines, belts and harnesses.

Having the right equipment on the construction site is only the beginning. Employers must ensure workers are trained to use that equipment properly. For example, if unskilled laborers will be working on scaffolding, a trained and qualified person must be on-site to supervise the erection or moving of that scaffolding. And the site supervisor needs to ensure nothing prevents workers from using the safety equipment.

Falls are always possible when working from heights. The failure to provide safety equipment such as safe ladders or scaffolds, that workers can use will result in liability.

You Do Not Need to Prove Negligence

In most personal injury lawsuits, the injured person has to prove that the other party was negligent or careless. That is not the case with construction accidents in New York. Under Labor Law Section 240(1), contractors and owners are financially liable if they violated the law, whether that was from carelessness or ignorance.

What If You Were Partly at Fault?

New York courts have consistently held that the financial claims of an injured construction worker will only be denied if the worker’s actions were the sole cause of his or her injuries. If we can show that there was any violation of the labor law by the owner or general contractor, your wrongful acts will not disqualify you from receiving compensation for your losses. The partial fault of the worker is not a defense.

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The law offices of Oresky & Associates, pllc., represents injured workers in New York State, including New York City, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn (Kings County), Staten Island (Richmond County), Westchester, Long Island, Suffolk County and Nassau County.

* Prior results do not guarantee a similar future outcome.

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