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Former Cornell Student’s Injury Lawsuit in Manhattan Results in $71M Damages Award

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wheelchairIn the long-running and ongoing debate about access to health care in this country, one of the central issues within this topic is the very high cost of health care. This issue of extremely high costs also arises when it comes to care for seniors, who may require long-term and extensive skilled care. The high cost of medical care affects yet another group: people injured in accidents caused by others. Given the very high cost of care, especially for people who need long-term, ongoing care and treatment, a person seriously injured in an accident could reasonably face medical expenses totaling millions of dollars, or even tens of millions of dollars. For someone facing such significant challenges, it is essential to reach out to a Manhattan car accident lawyer with many years of experience to help you pursue the total compensation you deserve.

An example of the very large amount of damages a catastrophic injury can inflict was reported recently by the New York Daily News. Morgan, a student at Cornell, was on her way back to school to start the fall 2012 semester and was riding with some other students. The driver, Neil, eventually fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a minivan. The accident killed one person in the other vehicle.

Morgan survived, but her injuries were extensive. She suffered a spinal cord injury that left her with no feeling in her lower legs. After the accident, Morgan became able to walk using braces, but her doctors told her that her condition would deteriorate as she ages and that she would eventually lose the ability to walk at all. “I am fearful of the future because I know that unfortunately I will be confined to a wheelchair at some point in my life,” she said in the Daily News report.

The changes to Morgan’s life were stark. Before the accident, she focused on skiing, running, and sailing. After the accident, she focused on pain management and rehab. She was not able to finish school at Cornell because her injuries left her unable to navigate the university’s hilly campus.

The chances are that Morgan will face many years of medical care, psychological care, and rehab, since she’s only in her mid-20s. She may also need an increasing amount of care and treatment as her condition worsens and she loses the ability to walk. For Morgan, a resident of Midtown, the costs of such care could be staggering.

Obtaining a full and proper recovery means being able to persuade a judge or a jury of the full extent of those damages. Morgan was able to do so in her case, since her legal counsel persuaded a Manhattan jury that, in addition to suffering $11 million in damages for pain and suffering ($5 million of past pain and suffering and $6 million of future damages), her damages for future medical expenses totaled $60 million. Morgan’s attorney told the Daily News that the $71 million award was one of the largest of its kind in the country.

Morgan’s accident is just one example of when an injury can cause millions of dollars worth of harm. Skilled legal counsel can help you seek a fair recovery, even if that amount exceeds seven or eight figures.

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