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Construction Accidents

Injured on the job; Can I make a Third-Party Claim in addition to receiving Workers’ Compensation?

Can I make a Third-Party Workers Comp CLaim?Let’s say you work for a construction company at a construction site, but are injured by a negligent driver who hits your company-owned truck as you ride to another location. Or you work at a construction site and are injured in an accident caused by a fall from a ladder or scaffold. In addition to receiving Workers’ Compensation, you may ask whether you are entitled to receive money damages from a third party.

If you are injured in an accident on the job, you are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits through your employer. However, Workers’ Compensation will only cover your medical expenses and some (not all) of your lost wages. Under some circumstances Workers’ Comp may provide for an additional award for a scheduled loss of use for an injured body part.

What about your pain and suffering, the full amount of future lost wages, benefits, and other significant expenses or damages associated with your injuries which may not be covered by compensation? New York State law allows you to commence a law suit against responsible third-parties to recover damages for personal injuries, pain and suffering, economic loss, as well as a derivate loss of services suffered by an injured party’s spouse. This would allow injured workers the ability to obtain compensation for their injuries against responsible parties.

Third-party lawsuits are also available to surviving family members in a wrongful death action. Workers’ Comp death benefits don’t adequately compensate survivors when losing a husband or father who is the primary breadwinner.

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