Work Accidents

Injuries from Workplace Electrocutions & Explosions

Workplace-ElectrocutionsA construction site is an inherently dangerous environment. The risk of injury from a variety of sources is great, including injuries caused by electrocutions and explosions. A general contractor or subcontractor may fail to properly locate live electrical lines or gas lines before excavating. Live electrical lines or gas lines may be damaged posing a high risk of injury to the workers during the course of construction at the job site. A worker operating a heavy piece of machinery could be electrocuted as a result of coming into contact with a live electrical line. Gas lines which are ruptured could result in explosions and substantial chance of serious injury to the workers at the job site.

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Regardless of the cause, workplace electrocutions and explosions are a highly dangerous phenomenon. If you have been hurt because of an electrocution or explosion on a job site, you want an experienced lawyer to protect your rights and your future.

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The injuries suffered as a result of an electrocution or explosion are often serious and catastrophic, and may include burn injuries. Burn injuries can be among the most painful, often taking months or years to heal. In addition, you may suffer permanent scarring or disfigurement requiring extensive plastic surgery. If you have been seriously injured in an accident, you should carefully evaluate and chose your lawyer. You only have one chance to be compensated, and choosing the right law firm will have an impact on the results, and the courtesy that you are treated with while the matter is pending. Chose a law firm that provides all of their clients with hard work, and dedicated service.

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