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Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers

We've Fought Tirelessly For Accident Victims In The Bronx For More Than 25 Years

Oresky & Associates has won more than $400 million in settlements and verdicts for injury victims in the Bronx since 1992.

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Bronx Injury Lawyers

We've Recovered More Than $400 million For Accident Victims In The Bronx

Oresky & Associates is an experienced personal injury law firm in the Bronx that is here to help you understand your legal rights and remedies after an accident. We aggressively protect the interest of our clients and do not charge any fees until we win cases. If you need injury lawyers from the Bronx, call our experienced lawyers at (718) 362-3043 to get your case started. We will be with you every step of the way.

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Experienced Attorneys In The Bronx

Never Pay A Cent Unless We Collect On Your Behalf

Oresky & Associates takes all cases on contingency, which means there are no attorney fees or upfront costs unless we collect on your behalf. Conveniently located in the Bronx, our offices are off 149th Street, near the New York Botanical Garden, Yankee Stadium, and Bronx Zoo. Our experienced injury attorneys handle cases including but not limited to construction accidents, car accidents, wrongful death, workplace accidents, and medical malpractice. If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another, call our offices today to schedule a free case review.

Recent Case Results

More Than 25 Years Of Fighting Cases In The Courts

Construction Accidents $9.9 Million Settlement for worker injured during building construction
Construction Accidents $6.6 Million Won by construction worker that fell from scaffold sustaining serious injuries.
Construction Accidents $6 Million Settlement for electrician that fell one story off of roof during construction of an extension.
Construction Accidents $6 Million Awarded to construction worker that fell from ladder while installing window frame.
Construction Accidents $6 Million Won by construction worker that fell from ladder sustaining serious injuries.
Negligent Supervision $6 Million Awarded to 19 year old mentally disabled man that suffered severe burns as a result of institution’s failure to supervise.
Construction Accidents $5.6 Million Awarded to construction worker struck by falling object at construction site.
Construction Accidents $5.6 Million Settlement for Scaffold Installer that fell one story during construction of sidewalk bridge.
Construction Accidents $5 Million Dollars won by demolition worker that was knocked off ladder by HVAC duct, fracturing arm, requiring back surgery, amongst other injuries.
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Jacob Oresky is the founder and managing attorney at Oresky & Associates, pllc. He has represented New York City residents who were injured in serious.

Case Results

18Million for Worker who Fell from a Scaffold at a Construction Site

A union carpenter fell 15 feet because safety precautions were not followed to protect the workers.

Client Testimonials

We Are Passionate Advocates For Personal Injury Victims In New York

At Oresky & Associates, PLLC., we offer skilled representation to individuals who have suffered injuries in and around New York state including New York City, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn (Kings County), Staten Island (Richmond County), Westchester, Long Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County.


I had a great experience with Jacob Oresky’s Office. He was always there when I needed him. He and his staff provided me with great service.


I suffered a very bad accident in 2013 and was so scared not knowing what will happen to me and my children. I didn’t even know what my rights were at the time. My daughter found this law firm in the internet and told me I needed an attorney, th...


My uncle unfortunately had a construction accident. He retained Jacob Oresky & Associates, PLLC as his attorneys. They won his case and we were very pleased with the results.


I have known Jacob Oresky & his team for over ten years and they have been loyal, honest and committed to working for you all the way. The best lawyer in the Bronx.


The whole office & Jacob Oresky worked hard to win my case. From the moment I met them until the end of my case they treated me as if I was their most important client. My accident was bad but my experience with them was great. I made the rig...


Thanks to Jacob Oresky I received my settlement sooner than I expected. I thought that my case would take longer, but with Jacob Oresky it was hassle free. Not only that, I was continually notified of the status of my case.


For 18 years Jacob Oresky and Associates has been on my side helping solve my legal problems from car accidents to slip and falls and malpractice. I refer all my family and friends to Jacob Oresky. He solves cases in a timely manner and keeps you ...


Jacob Oresky won my case. I saw him work hard for me. I made the right decision when I hired him. He is a great attorney. Luis


I am very satisfied with the attorney Jacob Oresky and his employees. They are really efficient with their cases. I am very thankful. Many blessing to them. Thank you. The experience with Jacob Oresky has been a great one

Have You Been Injured In The Bronx?

Work With A Team Of Experienced Bronx Injury Attorneys

Oresky & Associates is a full-service personal injury law firm serving the Bronx. Our attorneys have years of experience representing victims of construction accidents, car accidents, motorcycle crashes, truck accidents, drunk driving accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, premises liability, and much more.

Construction Accidents Personal Injury Car Accidents Medical Malpractice
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Areas of Practice

Construction Accidents

At Oresky & Associates, PLLC, our Queens and Bronx construction accident lawyers provide compassionate, knowledgeable legal representation to help accident victims obtain the financial compensation they are entitled to receive.

accident victim demolition
Areas of Practice

Personal Injury

If you are injured because of someone else’s negligence or wrongful act your life can change in an instant. Your injuries may make it difficult or impossible for you to work and enjoy the lifestyle to which you’ve become accustomed.

Areas of Practice

Car Accidents

The New York car accident attorneys at Oresky & Associates, PLLC. have been representing auto accident victims for almost 25 years. We have won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for clients injured in New York automobile crashes.

Areas of Practice

Medical Malpractice

If you’ve been injured during medical treatment either in a doctor’s office or hospital, or your doctor failed to diagnose a disease, you may have a legal claim for medical malpractice.

Bronx Construction Accident Lawyers

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) shares the four common types of construction accidents — falls, being hit by an object, electrocution, and machine mishaps.

The Bronx is a busy borough full of construction sites, where dozens of accidents costing millions of dollars happen every year. When construction companies fail to adhere to OSHA standards or provide safety equipment, workers can file for a personal injury claim, workers’ compensation claim, or both to make up for hospital bills, lost income, and other damages.

If you or anyone you know need a construction accident lawyer from the Bronx, please call any of our passionate lawyers. We will guide you in getting the medical help you need.

Bronx Car Accident Lawyers

In 2019, before the pandemic, there were 2,021 car accidents in the Bronx. This figure represents almost six car accidents daily. The Department of Health states that such accidents lead to 48 deaths in the area per year, making them the fourth leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations.

If you are a driver, passenger, cyclist, or pedestrian involved in a car accident, you need experienced legal representation. We can help you claim compensation for medical bills and other expenses not covered by your insurance. The Bronx injury lawyers of Oresky & Associates are always willing to represent car accident victims. We actively pursue the maximum compensation for these situations.

Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury is a legal term used to describe an injury inflicted on the body, mind, or emotions caused by the negligence, wrongful conduct, or carelessness of another person. Workplace accidents, product liability, and wrongful death are some examples of personal injury cases.

If you or anyone you know suffered from injuries or death because of another person’s carelessness or wrongdoing, we can help you claim monetary compensation. Any physical, financial, or psychological harm can serve as evidence in court.

Bronx Medical Malpractice Lawyers

By definition, medical malpractice is a legal cause of action caused by a negligent act or omission by a medical or healthcare professional. When negligence causes errors in diagnosis, treatment, or overall health management and leads to injury, a patient may file for medical malpractice.

Here are some of the characteristics of medical malpractice claims:

  • The healthcare professional breached health care standards.
  • A form of negligence caused a patient’s injury.
  • The injury directly or indirectly caused by the healthcare professional resulted in significant damages.

There are many forms of medical malpractice, including:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Surgical errors
  • Prescription mistakes

If you believe you are a medical malpractice victim, please schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers.

Bronx Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Out of an estimated 21 cyclist deaths in 2020, eight are from the Bronx — the highest number recorded from any borough. The Bronx saw an increase in bicycle accidents during the pandemic, where drivers speed on lanes dedicated to cyclists.

A staggeringly low three percent of New York’s bike line mileage is in the Bronx, compared to an estimated fifty percent in Manhattan. We have many clients who meet accidents at the truck routes in Bruckner Boulevard near Willis Avenue Bridge.

We have been helping injured members of our community for over 25 years, and we can help you too. If you suffer from serious injuries preventing you from performing your daily activities, call us to recover damages for your economic and emotional losses.

Bronx Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

In 2020, the Bronx experienced 7,554 crashes, resulting in 8,319 injuries and 38 deaths. Pedestrians make up a portion of these numbers, with 1,337 injuries and 12 deaths. The NYPD reports that driver distraction, failure to yield, and backing vehicles are the three most common causes of pedestrian injuries and fatalities.

Pedestrians have to deal with dangerous intersections in the Bronx daily, often full of speeding drivers. Some of the crossings to watch out for are:

  • Concourse: East 168th Street and College Avenue
  • Fordham: Field Place and Creston Avenue
  • Mt. Eden: Goble Place and Inwood Avenue

If you followed all traffic rules and ended up injured because of a reckless driver, please call us for a free consultation. We can discuss your various options for compensation.

Bronx Lead Poisoning Lawyers

Many New York Apartments have lead in their paint — a potentially dangerous substance that can lead to tragic consequences. Absorbing, inhaling, or swallowing lead may cause permanent damage in children, including brain trauma, learning difficulties, hearing loss, and more.

When landlords fail to remove lead paint from their properties, they may be liable for causing injury. The Bronx injury lawyers at Oresky & Associates provide dedicated legal representation to children who suffer from lead poisoning.

Our lawyers will review your potential lawsuit and will not charge any fees until we resolve your case and win a settlement for you.

We have won numerous settlements impacted by such tragedies. Some of our highest claims to date include $875,000 and $750,000 awarded to children injured by lead paint poisoning.

Hire an Experienced Injury Lawyer In The Bronx Today

The Bronx injury lawyers from Oresky & Associates have over 25 years of experience in dealing with injuries. If you are a victim of a construction accident, car accident, personal injury, medical malpractice, bicycle accident, pedestrian accident, or lead poisoning case, we are here for you.

Remember, we do not charge attorney fees unless we recover damages and your legal status does not matter. Call us at (718) 993-9999 to get your case started.

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Our convenient office locations in the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan are staffed with bilingual staff members who are prepared to help you recover money for your losses. We will handle everything involved with your personal injury case.

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