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Monitoring Your Baby Closely

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    Monitoring-Your-Baby-Closely-300x200During the pregnancy or prenatal period and during labor and delivery, a baby’s well being must be closely monitored for any signs of problems and distress such hypoxia, anoxia, or lack of oxygen.

    Doctors have a wide variety of tools available to them to diagnose fetal distress and problems, including the use of ultrasound, stress tests, non-stress tests and the fetal monitor strips or baby monitor during labor.

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    Doctors, midwives, and nurses should be able to see when a baby is in distress or running out of oxygen, and, once that process starts, the health care providers should deliver the baby right away — like through an emergency c-section — to prevent brain damage. The longer a baby stays in a bad environment without oxygen or with low blood sugar, the worse the outcome. The lack of oxygen could result in brain damage to your baby.

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