Construction Accidents

New York Construction Accident Attorneys Win Damages for Undocumented Workers

construction_worker_on_phoneIn New York, undocumented construction workers have the right to recover damages for personal injuries suffered in construction accidents, including falls from ladders, scaffolds and buildings. In addition, undocumented workers have the right to receive Workers’ Compensation. Regardless of your legal status in New York, workers injured on the job have a right to recover medical costs, lost wages and, in many cases, monetary damages for pain and suffering from third parties.

Do not be afraid if your employer threatens to fire you. Under New York law you have the right to be compensated. Experienced construction accident attorneys like those at Oresky & Associates, PLLC. will fight for your rights if you have been hurt in a construction accident.

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New York Construction Accident Attorneys Can Help You Stand Up to Contractors

Contractors, especially the small non-union contractors that many undocumented workers work for, are notorious for saving on costs while exposing their workers to safety hazards. They cut corners by not providing workers with safety harnesses, life lines, and other equipment to prevent falls from scaffolds, ladders and other dangerous sites.

Many undocumented construction workers are reluctant to contact a New York accident attorney because they are afraid of making a claim because of their legal status. Under New York law, an undocumented worker has the same rights to make a claim as a citizen.

New York Construction Accident Attorneys Can Help You Apply for Workers’ Compensation

You do hard and dangerous work–construction, pointing, painting, waterproofing, carpentry, masonry, or window washing, but it may be the paperwork, phone calls and hearings that pose too much of a burden for you.

Come to our office to discuss your accident case, and also meet with a Workers’ Compensation lawyer at our firm. In order to better serve our clients, we have a New York Workers’ Compensation lawyer that meets with our clients at our office. This allows everyone to meet and work together, and makes matters easier for the client.

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