New York Construction Site Injuries-Electrical Shock and Electrocution

ElectrocutionUnder New York law, owners and general contractors on construction projects have a duty to take certain precautions to minimize the risk of injury due to electrical shock or exposure to electrical current. §200 of the New York state labor laws mandates that owners and general contractors provide a safe environment for construction workers and visitors, and imposes liability for any injuries sustained because of failure to meet this obligation. The statute imposes absolute liability for any injuries suffered, which means that, as the injured party, you don’t need to show negligence or carelessness, only that the standards established by the law were not met.

To comply with the requirements of New York labor laws, owners and general contractors must take measures to prevent workers from working in proximity to open sources of electricity, and must adequately warn workers of any unguarded power lines or sources. Any defective insulation must be replaced, and all electrical tools, including portable generators, must be properly grounded. Owners and general contractors must ensure that the supply of power to the site is adequate to handle all work being done, that circuits are not being overloaded, and that the construction site is not a tangled web of extension cords that can easily be cut by power tools.

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Burns are the most frequent type of injury associated with exposure to an electrical charge. The degree of the burn will generally depend on how many volts of electricity you were exposed to. The burns that you suffer from an electrical injury can be internal, as well as external. These types of burns can lead to excruciating pain that lasts months or years.

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If you have suffered electrical shock or burns on a construction site in New York, or if your loved one has died because of contact with or exposure to electrical current, you may have a claim for damages under New York laws protecting construction workers. It is important to contact an attorney immediately, so that your lawyer can preserve gather, assess and preserve all evidence to support your claim.

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