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Queens Hit & Run Accident Lawyer

Queens Hit & Run Accident LawyerIf you were hurt in a hit-and-run accident in Queens, NY, you deserve justice and financial accountability. However, it can be difficult to track down the at-fault party, cooperate in a police investigation, and tend to your injuries – in addition to all the other responsibilities you have.

The experienced Queens car accident lawyers at Oresky & Associates, PLLC can help make things right after you were injured by a careless hit-and-run driver.

We provide a free consultation where you can learn about your legal rights and options while discussing your claim with a Queens hit-and-run accident lawyer. Contact our personal injury law office at (718) 993-9999 today to get started.

How Can a Queens Car Accident Attorney Help Me After a Hit-and-Run Crash?

How Can a Queens Car Accident Attorney Help Me After a Hit-and-Run Crash?At Oresky & Associates, PLLC, we have over 30 years of experience representing injured people throughout Queens, New York. Since 1992, we have recovered over $400 million for our clients. During that time, we have also developed a reputation as aggressive legal advocates.

Our lead attorney, Jacob Oresky, has been included in New York Magazine’s “New York’s Leading Personal Injury Lawyers” and is part of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Super Lawyers.

When you hire our law firm after a Queens hit-and-run accident, you can expect us to:

  • Investigate how the accident occurred
  • Work with law enforcement to identify the at-fault driver
  • Gather evidence to prove fault
  • Document your injuries and damages
  • Work with your medical team to ensure you receive proper treatment
  • Handle all insurance claims
  • Protect your legal rights through every stage of your case

We are here to assist you through this difficult time. Contact our Queens hit & run accident attorneys today for your free case review.

How Common Are Hit-and-Run Accidents in New York City?

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that there are approximately 682,000 hit-and-run crashes that occur nationwide every year. These crashes account for about 2,000 fatalities.

In 2022, 43,108 NYC car accidents were reported in which a driver fled the scene of the accident. Only 375 of those drivers were arrested.

Why Do Hit & Run Accidents Occur?

Hit-and-run accidents often occur because the at-fault driver is doing something wrong and trying to avoid responsibility for it.

Common reasons for hit-and-run accidents include:

  • Engaging in illegal activity – The driver may know they were doing something illegal, such as drinking and driving or doing drugs. They could also be driving without a license or insurance.
  • Fear – Some drivers may simply be afraid and react by fleeing the scene.
  • Fleeing the scene of a crime – Some hit-and-run accidents occur while a person is fleeing the scene of a crime or trying to evade police.
  • Not wanting to take responsibility for the accident – Some drivers selfishly leave the scene of the accident because they know they were responsible for it and do not want to be financially liable for it.

None of these excuses justify leaving the scene of a crash. An experienced Queens hit-and-run accident attorney can help you seek fair compensation following a crash that left you injured.

What Are Common Injuries Sustained in Hit-and-Run Accidents?

Injuries from hit-and-run accidents can be severe and include:

The cost of treating these types of injuries can be expensive. You may be able to make an insurance claim to recover compensation to pay for your treatment and other losses.

What To Do After a Hit-and-Run Crash in Queens, NY

Here are some steps that you can take if you are injured in a hit-and-run collision in Queens, New York:

  • Report the accident – Call 911 to report the accident. It’s a crime to leave the scene of an accident without stopping and exchanging information with the others involved.
  • Document as much as possible – Try to write down a description of the driver and vehicle while your memory is fresh. Ask any witnesses for their contact information. Make a note of any nearby surveillance cameras.
  • Seek medical attention – If you’re not immediately taken to receive medical care after the accident, seek care as soon as possible. This will ensure that your injuries are diagnosed promptly and connect them with the accident.
  • Ask for a copy of the accident report – Once the accident report is prepared, request a copy of it. You will need this for your insurance claim.
  • Work with law enforcement – If you can locate the driver who hit you, you may be able to file an insurance claim against them or sue them. There may also be other parties responsible for the accident, such as an employer or someone who furnished alcohol to an intoxicated person or minor.
  • File an insurance claim – Until the at-fault driver can be located, you may be limited to compensation from your own insurance coverage.

A car accident lawyer in Queens can give you additional advice and guidance throughout your personal injury claim.

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If you have any questions about hit-and-run accidents or your legal rights, contact Oresky & Associates, PLLC.at (718) 993-9999 Our Queens car accident attorneys provide a free consultation in which we can discuss your legal options.

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