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Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident in NY?

Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident in NY?

While it might seem unnecessary to consult a lawyer after a minor car accident, it could actually prove to be a crucial step.

Why You Should Consult a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident

Consulting a lawyer has several benefits and may help avoid troublesome complications in the future.

You May Have Hidden Injuries

Even if you thought you were lucky enough to have walked away from your accident without a scratch, you might have sustained an injury without knowing it.

The body naturally reacts to stressful situations like car accidents by releasing adrenaline. In doing so, it could mask the pain or discomfort you might otherwise feel from injuries, and you may not realize you are injured until after the adrenaline wears off later.

You May Face Unexpected Challenges

It’s not uncommon for challenges to arise, even in minor car accident claims.

For example, the other driver may seem unhurt at the crash scene, then turn around and pursue compensation for injuries, much to your surprise. Events like these are common enough to make claims tricky to navigate.

A seasoned car accident lawyer will know how to avoid such difficulties before they have a chance to occur.

Steps to Take After a Minor Car Accident in NY

It’s crucial to take appropriate steps to protect yourself and make sure your legal bases are covered in the wake of an automobile collision.

1. Call the Police

Before you do anything else, call 911. The officers who arrive on the scene will open an official report, which will likely prove particularly beneficial to your case.

2. Report the Accident

New York residents have a legal duty to file an accident report with the DMV within ten days of a collision resulting in injury, death, or property damage over $1,000. It’s therefore a good idea to report your accident to your car insurance company as soon as you’re able.

3. Seek Medical Attention

Whether or not you think you might be injured, you should always seek medical attention immediately after an accident. A thorough medical exam can help determine whether you suffered injuries and how severe they may be.

4. Consult a Car Accident Attorney

Schedule a meeting with a reputable car accident attorney at your earliest convenience and review the details of the crash together. An attorney can provide valuable legal advice that you’ll be happy to have going forward.

Mistakes to Avoid After a Minor Car Accident

Be careful not to make any of the following common mistakes after your accident:

1. Leaving the Scene

It’s against the law to abandon the scene of an accident. No matter how frightened or angry you may be, always stay where you are until help arrives.

2. Not Getting Medical Attention

A thorough medical examination can reveal injuries you may otherwise not know you had.

3. Admitting Fault

Never admit fault to anyone. Sometimes the stress of an accident can create feelings of guilt or culpability, but these feelings don’t necessarily reflect the facts. Be cautious with your words, as they could be used against you.

4. Speaking With the Other Driver’s Insurer

The other party’s insurance company may reach out to ask you for your side of the story. Don’t engage them, as they may only be fishing for information they can use for their own gain.

5. Not Getting Help From a Qualified Car Accident Lawyer

Even if you think you don’t need legal assistance, it’s best to consult a knowledgeable attorney and get their opinion before proceeding with your claim.

Don’t Take On Your Case Alone

If you’ve been involved in a minor car accident, proceed wisely and talk your situation over with an experienced attorney. A good car accident lawyer can help you advance your claim and ensure an outcome you can feel good about.


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