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Who is Carlos J. Figueroa?

carlos_j_figueroaCarlos Figueroa is the man everyone depends on.

Carlos has worked as a paralegal with Oresky & Associates, PLLC. for 21 years. He has put his experience with accident law, bilingual language skills and knowledge of the Spanish community to work for people who have been hurt. Over the years he has helped accident victims involved in scaffold and ladder accidents, car accidents, trips and falls, and almost any type of accident that one can think of.

Many clients of the firm know Carlos well. He was even the best man at the wedding of one client. Carlos is the man who helps undocumented construction workers injured in accidents get lost wages by dealing with employers who don’t want to talk. He is the man who investigates accidents and obtains the cooperation of Spanish speaking coworkers who are afraid to get involved. Carlos Figueroa frequently accompanies clients to doctor and hospital visits, helping to translate for them and asking questions when they are not certain of what the doctors are saying. If you have met Carlos, you probably already know all this.

Carlos J. Figueroa was born in Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico, the youngest of 5 children. He came with his mother and four siblings to a Spanish section of the Bronx when he was 6. Spanish was always the language spoken at home, but Carlos had an early gift for language and soon became the translator for his mother and other relatives who came from Puerto Rico. Soon it was the neighborhood that came to Carlos for help in dealing in English. Always a man with a future, Carlos graduated from Stevenson High School and obtained an Associate Degree from Monroe College before coming to the firm.

Who is Carlos J. Figueroa?

Clearly many things to many people. He helps many injured clients at the law firm of Oresky & Associates, PLLC.. He translates and helps Jacob Oresky, Esq. investigate accidents, prepare clients for depositions and trials.

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