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Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Tractor-trailer hits, kills woman on Bronx overpass

BRONX, NY – A tractor-trailer struck four cars early Wednesday morning, killing a woman who became pinned between her vehicle and the overpass wall.

The victim, Keara Rosa, 27, was killed at approximately 12:15 a.m. on August 5. Rosa was driving her silver Honda Civic on the Cross Bronx Expressway near Marmion Avenue when she experienced car trouble, per the New York Daily News. Rosa reportedly stopped on the eastbound shoulder on the expressway to look under the hood.

A 55-year-old tractor-trailer driver noticed slow traffic near Rosa’s vehicle and attempted to swerve to the left to avoid slowing down. While changing lanes, the driver lost control of the truck and struck a Toyota Corolla, a Toyota Camry, and a Lexus. After the initial collision, the side of the truck hit the concrete divider between the eastern and western expressway lanes. The driver then swerved back to the right and crashed into Rosa’s Honda Civic. The tractor-trailer pushed the Honda further off the road, pinning Rosa between the car and the wall of the overpass.

Rosa sustained critical injuries during the collision, and medics pronounced her dead at the scene. The 51-year-old Toyota Corolla driver and the 58-year-old Lexus driver both sustained minor injuries from the accident. Medics transported both drivers to the Saint Barnabas Hospital for treatment. Neither the 29-year-old Toyota Camry driver nor the tractor-trailer driver was injured during the crash.

After the accident, officers from the New York Police Department closed multiple expressway lanes to investigate the accident and clear the road. The truck driver remained on the scene and cooperated during the police investigation. At this time, the trucker is not facing charges for the accident. However, the police are still investigating the collision.

Commercial Truck Accidents in New York

Commercial trucks are massive vehicles that require extensive training to operate safely. In the state of New York, commercial vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, making them significantly heavier than almost any other car on the road. This additional weight changes the way these vehicles move, increasing the amount of time it takes to stop, creating large blind spots, and preventing trucks from taking tight turns.

Anyone driving a vehicle that weighs more than 26,000 pounds has to have a specialized license, to ensure the driver can safely operate their truck. However, even with license requirements, countless under-trained and inexperienced truckers enter the road. If trucker makes a negligent or reckless mistake while driving such a large vehicle, they place you and your loved ones at serious risk of a deadly accident.

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