Unsafe Ladders At Construction Sites: Plumber From Mexico Wins $6 Million Settlement

UNSAFE-LADDERS-AT-CONSTRUCTION-SITEA plumber from Mexico was working at a Bronx construction site when he fell from an unsecured 8-foot ladder that suddenly turned and tipped over while he was removing a pipe in the ceiling.

The plumber had complained to his foremen that the ladder was old, that the locking mechanism was loose, and that the ladder wobbled every time he went up and down. As a result of the accident the plumber had multiple surgeries to his knee, back, and shoulder preventing him from going back to work in construction. Jacob Oresky, Esq, and his firm of lawyers represented the plumber in a law suit against the building owner and general contractor and won judgment against them. Prior to a jury trial on damages, Jacob Oresky was able to resolve the case in favor of the plumber for the sum of $6,000,000.

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New York State law requires contractors and owners provide construction workers with proper protection, this includes proper working and safe ladders. A ladder should be secure and safe while a worker is working on it. Ladders that are old and unsafe should be replaced by the company owner. Recognizing that workers who perform their jobs at elevations need greater protection, New York passed the “Scaffold Law” or N.Y. Labor Law #240(1). The “Scaffold Law” imposes absolute liability on owners and contractors involved in construction. This means that the duty towards workers who work on ladders, scaffolds, roofs, hoists, ropes or other structures above ground is substantial.

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