Video Surveillance In Personal Injury Cases

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    group-e1439936594763If you were injured in an accident and your lawyer started a lawsuit, the insurance companies will fight hard to defend their case. The insurance companies will try to minimize your damages through video surveillance and other investigatory techniques.

    Many times the insurance companies will conduct video surveillance in an attempt to prove that you can do the things you claim you can no longer do because of your injuries. For example, if you claim that you can no longer work, walk a long distance, run, play sports, carry shopping bags, or lift heavy items, the insurance companies may follow you for days, months, or years without you knowing in an attempt to catch you on camera doing these very things.

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    A picture is a powerful image that cannot easily be explained away. The insurance companies will look for your webpage on facebook.com or other social media sites on the internet to obtain photographs and gather other information to use against you no matter how “private” you think your webpage is. We often advise our clients to avoid posting anything on the internet after their accident no matter how innocent.

    Honesty is always the best policy in your words and your actions. Do not make claims in your case that are not true. Your credibility is crucial to a successful settlement or jury verdict following a trial. Do not think “no one will find out.” Sometimes the insurance companies will send an investigator to your neighborhood to speak with your neighbors about your activities. Do not take a chance and give the insurance companies any evidence to attack your credibility and use against you.

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