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Were You Injured in a Car Accident by a Hit and Run Driver?

Car accidents occur on a daily basis in New York. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide you information and help you consider your options if you have been injured in a car accident, even if the auto accident was caused by a hit and run driver.

In order to provide compensation for innocent victims of certain types of accidents caused by uninsured or otherwise financially irresponsible motorists, the New York State legislature passed the Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation Law (MVAIC). Examples of accidents that fall under MVAIC are those caused by:

  1. Uninsured out-of-state motor vehicles;
  2. Unidentified hit and run drivers;
  3. Uninsured New York motor vehicles;
  4. Stolen motor vehicles;
  5. Motor vehicles operated without the consent of the owner;

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Drivers who cause hit and run car accidents can be motivated to leave the scene, by any number of reasons, including alcohol and drunk driving, inexperience, negligence, carelessness, and recklessness. These drivers flee the scene of the accident and leave injured victims with no recourse against them. However, thanks to MVAIC, victims of hit and run drivers may be able to receive compensation for serious bodily injuries sustained as a result of the accident.

Whether compensation under MVAIC is available depends on whether you are considered a qualified victim. Therefore, you will want to discuss your motor vehicle accident claim with an experienced New York personal injury lawyer.

The New York personal injury attorneys at Oresky & Associates, PLLC. have extensive experience handling a wide range of injuries and wrongful death claims arising from New York car accidents, including car accidents caused by hit and run drivers. We have helped hundreds of people maximize their compensation for injuries or losses sustained in car accidents. We are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to assist you and answer your questions regarding your New York personal injury and car accident claims, including injuries from car accidents involving hit and run drivers.

Our New York personal injury attorneys have earned their reputation for maximizing compensation and benefits for auto accident claims, including serious personal injury claims from car accidents caused by hit and run drivers. Of course, your results will depend on the facts of your particular claim. Each car accident injury claim is unique, and our representation is tailored to the facts of your case. One of our experienced New York car accident claims attorneys can analyze your claim and properly present you with options. You can take comfort in knowing that your claim is being aggressively pursued and professionally handled by an attorney who is dedicated to maximizing your compensation and benefits.

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