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Job Site Injuries

Work Injury Deaths by State Interactive Graphic

Unfortunately, deaths on worksites are a common occurrence across the country however some states have more deaths on job sites than others. We used data from OSHA and the US Department of Labor to figure out what states had the most deaths on job sites from the most recent available data.

Construction sites are dangerous places, not only for civilians but for the people who work on the sites as well. The work is extremely physical and workers are often required to use powerful machinery, climb to tall heights, and work roadside where traffic accidents can happen. Due to the nature of construction work, workers face risk of injuries on the job.

Due to the seriousness of construction worker injuries, some can even lead to death. The image below shows data from OSHA and the US Department of Labor to show which states had the most deaths on job sites. Between 2017-2019, there have been 1,583 construction worker deaths from onsite work injuries.

When looking at the image above, it’s clear that there is a pattern in construction workers fatalities on the job and the time of year. Due to construction work picking up in the warmer months, it’s no surprise that the early and late spring months see the most deaths throughout the year. Construction workers in many areas of the country have only a limited time of good working weather, which might mean that some jobs are rushed, therefore leading to mistakes or oversights that can cause injuries and death.

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