$7.5 Million Dollar Settlement For Scaffold Company Worker

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    Business-centersA 24-year-old construction laborer that fell 20 feet from a sidewalk bridge obtained a $7.5 Million Dollar Settlement*. Jacob Oresky, Esq. the attorney for the scaffold company worker, represented him in his claims against the owner of the building for failing to provide proper safety equipment.

    Oresky stated: “New York Law requires building owners and contractors to provide proper protection to construction workers. It is time for the owners and contractors to stop cutting corners when it comes to safety, in attempts to speed up work and save a few dollars. The costs to the lives of the construction workers far outweigh any monetary savings.”

    The 24-year-old worker fell 20 feet from the bridge while installing netting around the perimeter of the sidewalk bridge in the Financial District of Manhattan, NY.

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