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Delivery Worker On Electric Bicycle Hit By Car, Injured Bike Rider Wins $450,000 Settlement

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    BICYCLE-HIT-BY-CARA 23 year old delivery man from Ecuador was riding an electric bicycle when he was struck by a car at an intersection in Queens, NY. Although the driver had a Stop Sign, he claimed that he could not see the bicyclist because he was wearing dark clothing at night and the scooter did not have proper lights and reflectors.

    The bicyclist suffered a fractured femur, which required surgery. Oresky & Associates, PLLC., represented the young man in his lawsuit against the driver. Once a jury had been selected and a trial was about to begin, the Defendant agreed to pay $450,000 to settle the bicyclist’s case.

    The streets of New York City are dangerous, especially for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcycle operators that do not have the protection of a heavy motor vehicle. Contact with a motor vehicle can result in serious injuries and personal injuries to a pedestrian, bicyclist or motorcycle operator.

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