Three Week Construction Accident Trial Results In $2.75 Million Dollar Settlement

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    THREE-WEEK-CONSTRUCTION-ACCIDENT-TRIAL-RESULTS-IN-2.75-MILLION-DOLLAR-SETTLEMENT-updatedOresky & Associates, PLLC. represented a construction worker that was injured in a 20 foot fall from a suspension scaffold in a Brooklyn jury trial. The plaintiff at the time of his accident had been performing pointing work, when the scaffold he was working on collapsed. Building inspectors that visited the accident scene shortly after the accident found that the scaffold was improperly constructed. The employer disputed how the accident occurred, and claimed that the plaintiff did not fall off of the scaffold. There were no eyewitnesses to the accident, and the testimony from each side was highly disputed.

    After three weeks of testimony, and compelling closing arguments, the insurance carriers for the defendants settled for $2.75 Million Dollars.

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